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UAE Banking Return Forms (BRFs)

Risk. Treasury. Regulatory. Controlling. Accounting.

RaPID© is a software based on a web inter­face and an Oracle database (XE, SE or EE) covering risk (credit, liquidity, market, interest rate risk), accounting / controlling, regulatory reporting and treasury.

  • Banks are required to submit a set of standard reports to their supervisors/regulators as part of supervisory review. As such Banks in UAE are required to submit monthly/quarterly standard reports known as Banking Return Forms (BRFs) to their Central Bank (CBUAE).
  • Given the significant developments of banking and financial industry in the recent past, CBUE has revised and released the latest version of BRFs. The new BRF reporting is the comprehensive framework that incorporates the provisions of Basel, IFRS, and Central Bank regulations, liquidity and interbank, economic sectors, country, segments etc.
  • A robust internal reporting set up supported by a comprehensive reporting tools embedded with a dedicated Risk database is a must for banks to comply with timely and accurate submission of BRFs. Here comes the role of RaPID©, a sophisticated database architecture with powerful reporting tool.

Salient Features of RaPID©

What makes RaPID©    distinguishable from its competitors in the market are:

  1. Easy integration with Core banking and other existing applications of the Bank.
  2. Simple metadata mapping framework with user friendly GUIs.
  3. Robust Data Sanctity Checks and reconciliation framework.
  4. Powerful report designer with high level of flexibility and user friendliness enables quick report designing and publishing.
  5. Simple interaction GUIs enables slicing and dicing of the reports with drill down facility coupled with capability of multi-dimensional filtering options such as Group level, affiliates or branch level, domestic or global, standalone or consolidated basis etc.

RaPID© – high level architecture design

  • RaPID© allows quick mapping and loading of contract level as well as GL balances from the source systems through integrated ETL.
  • A reconciliation report allows the comparison of the loaded contracts with a reference (usually from the general ledger) accounting source.
  • The job control allows automating all relevant process steps.
  • The administration module defines access rights, roles and main configuration of the system.
  • Look-up tables enable the users to define data definition, set rules, filtering criteria, computation logics etc., of various BRF reports.
  • Validation process ensures checks and balances.
  • For each step there is an audit trail.

Simple and flexible user interface for report designing:

  • When it comes to any reporting tools, the toughest part is data definition and mapping. In general, it is one of the time and resource consuming activities requiring heavy involvement of end-user and IT report developers and in most cases it remains a challenge of bridging gaps between end-user and technical personnel.
  • RaPID© solves this problem with a set of simple and flexible end-user’s options. With this feature, report designing by end-user’s becomes a hassle-free task without much dependency on technical assistance/personnel.
  • The key features of RaPID© include among other things:
  • Unique BRF data identifiers/coding – each and every data fields / group of fields in the BRFs are identified with a unique label to ensure consistency and accuracy of reporting lines and cross validation across various BRFs.
  • Look up Tables provide an easy and flexible interface where user can quickly set up the data definition, rules for filtering, grouping, categorizing, segmenting, aggregating and dissecting data based on multi-dimensional user defined criteria.

Computation logics & formula builder – RaPID© also provides a facility for user to define some computation logics /formulae to drive the required missing values/ data fields from the

  • source data as according to the user defined criteria/ rules.
  • User-friendly interface for the reports provides user an effective an instant report generation based on various user defined scenarios and other pre-defined aggregating / filtering criteria – no batch processing / end of day process required.

It also provides easy exporting options in XL format in order to directly upload the data into CBUAE reporting portal.

  • Checks and Balances – Cross validations of BRF reports

RaPID© provides a robust framework for check and balances for BRF reporting line validations across different reports to ensure consistency and accuracy as required by CBUAE reporiting template.

It provides a comprehensive validation report after checking all the cross-validation nodes and rules defined by the end-user.

Below is a print screen of the web reporting framework of RaPID© with full drill down to the underlying data, historical charts, any kind of filters and integrated explanatory notes from the Central Bank (all data randomly generated).

List of reports
  • BRF 1 Assets
  • BRF 2 Liabilities & Capital
  • BRF 3 Memorandum Accounts
  • BRF 4 Income Statement
  • BRF 5 List of Securities and Financial Assets
  • BRF 6 Computation of Cash Reserve Requirements on Customer Deposits
  • BRF 7 Advances to Stable Resources Ratio (ASRR)
  • BRF 8 Liquid Asset Ratio
  • BRF 9 Maturity-wise Classification of Assets and Liabilities
  • BRF 10 Currency-wise Classification of Assets and Liabilities
  • BRF 11 Repricing wise
  • BRF 12 Classification by Time/ Fixed Deposit
  • BRF 13 Classification of Assets and Liabilities Maturity-wise for Non Residents
  • BRF 14 LCR Reporting (Detailed )
  • BRF 31 Loans and Advances to Individuals
  • BRF 32 Top 15 Classified Accounts under Each Category
  • BRF 33 15 Largest Deposits and Borrowings
  • BRF 34 Interbank Counterparties- Domestic
  • BRF 35 Interbank Counterparties- Foreign
  • BRF 36 Capital Market Funding & Other Term Borrowings
  • BRF 37 Details of Interest Paid and Received
  • BRF 38 Country-wise Remittances Report
  • BRF 39 Large Borrowers with 10%/ 15% Exposure to Bank’s Capital
  • BRF-40 Classification of Loans and Advances by Asset Class, Sectors & Past dues
  • BRF 41 Exposure to Real Estate
  • BRF 42 Loans and Advances for Purchase of / Against Shares
  • BRF 43 Loans to Brokers & Other Financial Intermediaries
  • BRF 44 Exposure to Real Estate Sector by Asset Class
  • BRF 45 Report on use of funds
  • BRF 46 Investment by Counter Party
  • BRF 47 Syndicated Loans
  • BRF 48 Eligible Securities for Marginal Lending Facility
  • BRF 49 – NSFR Reporting
  • BRF 51 Global Assets
  • BRF 52 Global Liabilities and Capital
  • BRF 53 Global Income Statement
  • BRF 54 Global Advances to stable resources ratio
  • BRF 56 Emirate-wise classification of loans and advances
  • BRF 57 Ownership of Properties
  • BRF 59 Report on Country Exposure
  • BRF 60 Regulatory Investment Limit
  • BRF 62 Legal Status of Loans to Individuals
  • BRF 64 List of 50 Top 50 Past Due Accounts not Classified
  • BRF 65 Rescheduled Loans
  • BRF 66 List of Top 30 Rescheduled Loans
  • BRF 67 Size-wise Classification of Deposits
  • BRF 68 Emirates-wise Classification of deposit
  • BRF 69 Ownership and Management Report
  • BRF 70 Employment Data of UAE Nationals and others
  • BRF 71 Details of Plastic Money
  • BRF 73 Exposure by Advanced Economic Activity
  • BRF 74 Micro, small and Medium Enterprises Loans
  • BRF 76 Aggregate Large Exposure Summary Sheet
  • BRF 77 Federal Govt and their Non-Commercial Entities
  • BRF 78 UAE Local Govt. and their Non-Commercial Public Sector Entities
  • BRF 79 Commercial Entities of Federal & Local Govt.(Excluding Stand-alone GREs)
  • BRF 80 Stand-alone GREs
  • BRF 81 Single Borrower or a Group of Related Borrowers
  • BRF 82 Major Shareholders and Related Entities
  • BRF 83 Domestic Interbank Exposures
  • BRF 84 Overseas Interbank Exposures
  • BRF 85 Exposures within a Banking Group
  • BRF 86 Exposures to Board Members
  • BRF 87 Exposures to Bank Staff
  • BRF 88 Large Exposure to Major shareholders and their related entities
  • BRF 92 International Investment Position (IIP)
  • BRF 93 Outflows Countrywise
  • BRF 94 Inflows Countrywise
  • BRF 95 Basel III
  • BRF 99 Loan to Value Ratio
  • BRF 100 Loan to Value Ratio
  • BRF 101 Balance of Payments
  • BRF 102 Top 50 Dormant Accounts
  • BRF 103 Dormant Accounts
  • BRF 104 List of Top 50 Restructured accounts
  • BRF 151 Off Balance Sheet
  • BRF 152 Derivatives Base
  • BRF 153 Derivatives Expanded
  • BRF 154 Non Banking Financial Intermediaries
  • BRF 155 FX Transactions (USD/AED)
  • BRF 156 Swaps Transactions (USD/AED)
  • BRF 200 Emirate wise breakdown of Loans given to UAE Nationals
  • BRF 201 Bank’s Network
  • BRF 202 Emiratization strategy in the Banking Sector
  • BRF 300 Emiratization Data
  • BRF 303 Real Estate Concentration Risk
  • BRF 305 RBS Baseline Survey Data